QDV: Wine & Art in the Algarve – Symbiosis
How others see us

Having reached QDV's target, in 2017 it was time for a new challenge. The timing couldn’t have been better, as in 2015 one Stock became two, as Karl Heinz’s son, Michael, joined the team, who now holds the position of Real Estate Director.

Quinta dos Vales was never planned as a family business, but it is such a fascinating and multi-faceted project that the offspring couldn’t resist. Now the 2 generations of Stocks manage the various activities and developments of Quinta dos Vales, working side by side and always striving create something new.

Finding a new challenge wasn't difficult, with 'The Winemaker Experience' our goal was simple. We wanted to give wine-lovers the chance to authentically make their own wine, without having to dedicate 10 years of their lives and invest millions into the endeavor. Basically, we structured a package as if Karl Heinz Stock (15 years ago) was our target audience, someone who has a passion for wine and wants to not just put his name on a bottle but also take every single decision in the winemaking process. In order to reach as many people as possible we offered 4 different versions of the project, from an introductory teaser (Bottle Blending Workshop) all the way to the full experience (Own a Vineyard).

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