Art and wine have always had a close relationship, but they have never been closer than at Quinta dos Vales Wine Estate, where stunning sculptures can be enjoyed together with high quality award-winning wines. In several garden locations you will find an exhibition of well over a hundred pieces in different styles, materials and sizes, some up to 6,5 m in height.

Art and wine always form a close symbiosis, and the reason behind this is very easy to explain: neither wine nor art are simple pleasures. There's one characteristic a person needs more than anything to appreciate wine or art, and that is patience.

The ideas behind our unique art are the same that drive the evolution of wine: both are linked to the traditional but also explore new experiences, limits and directions.

Owner and developer of Quinta dos Vales, Karl Heinz Stock has long been an adventurous entrepreneur. And his skills aren't limited to business. Despite his artistic touch, he likes not to be named an artist but just a developer, both in art and in business related ventures.

Art, especially sculpturing, has long been a quiet hobby of his, going right back to when he was taking his degrees in Economics. Whilst climbing the career ladder in the banking sector, he continued to use the medium of sculpturing to allow his creativity to flow.

That together with his passion for wine resulted in what is currently Quinta dos Vales – an absolutely unique wine estate with hundreds of colourful sculptures in an open-air exhibition.

Multifaceted Globes

In the exhibition "Multifaceted Globes", which focuses on unity and diversity of our planet among the five continents, we can see 15 different painted globes that transport us to the most hidden places, not only educating us to the various ways of life, but awakening us to the sustainability and global environmental situation through the eyes of 12 multicultural artists who joined Karl Heinz Stock to implement this project.

Dance of the Bears

“Dance of the Bears” or “The journey of ten thousand miles starts with the first step”.

In this project the artist, Karl Heinz Stock, created mostly similar looking, but still unique sculptures of unique creatures and invited 26 talented painters and mosaic artists from several countries with different nationalities and backgrounds to make their own interpretation of the theme “Evolution”. This was the only general guideline, besides this the artists were free in their artistic expression. The multicultural aspect was an important element in the project, as it proved to be mind-opening and increased the spectrum of experiences. The transformation of two-dimensional paintings and mosaics into three-dimensional sculpture-paintings was an exciting new experience for all participants, and several artists decided during the process to do more than one or two bears! Some may even have found a new direction in which to develop their artistic skills.

Dance of the Bears


Passion means many things to many people. But whatever the meaning, life is all about passion. It’s this deep, overwhelming emotion that has inspired one of the Quinta dos Vales exhibitions, brought to you by the sculptor. This all-embracing theme is what makes us all unique and diverse and helps us achieve or fulfil what we most desire. The project “Passion”, the follow-up to the successful “Dance of the Bears”, is just this: an opportunity for the passion-driven artists to interpret this universal theme very freely, using the three-dimensional animal sculpture as their medium to share their interpretations across the country. A unique project that conjures many readings, it’s no surprise that it has uncovered a wide spectrum of very individual interpretations. Each piece remains an individual work, but yet they all have a special momentum because of the expectations that the artists have of themselves and of the team as a whole.



These works are generally based on strong organic elements, which the artist sees as the best interpretation of full-bodied women. The Graces, curvy female figures with prominent and voluptuous shapes, seem to defy gravity and float like ballerinas in motion, while keeping the very delicate balance between opulence and lightness. This set of sculptures can be found in different shapes, from a flowing dance to a defying swing that seems to overcome all obstacles; and plenty are also the materials of which these can be made of. The smaller Graces are produced in ceramic and bronze; the larger ones, made from fibreglass and polyester resin, and may have from 85 centimetres to 6 metres in height, a wonderful decoration for a small garden or an extensive property.

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