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Making your own wine may sound like a faraway dream to many wine lovers. But not to us!

We can now offer you the opportunity to authentically become a winemaker. You decide how much you want to get involved in the fascinating process of creating a wine perfectly matching your taste, and you are free to make all the decisions along the way: from choosing and planting the grape varieties to growing your own grapes, from blending and aging the wine to bottling it and designing your own label.

- Start by making a bottle of your own wine with our Bottle Blending Workshop, learning the art of creating a unique blend from the best wines we have on offer.

- Try something a bit more ambitious with the Barrel Blending Experience, following both the aging as well as the blending of the young wines of your choice, and getting a full 225 litre barrel of wine as a result.

- Take on winemaking as a hobby with our option of Renting a Vineyard, which would give you a chance to follow the wine from the vine to the bottle.

- Choose our most exclusive service: Own a plot of a Vineyard and make your own wine without the risk of starting a business from scratch! In front of your vineyard you can even get a scenically located house that you are free to use as a holiday retreat or to stay there permanently, thus giving you a chance to enjoy the unique atmosphere of a vineyard.

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