When it comes to the secret of the perfect ingredients for a wine, it amounts to a few essential elements – the right soil and climate (a combination defined in winemaking circles as ‘terroir’), and a caring, responsible treatment by the wine grower.

The Algarve is enclosed in a natural amphitheatre, which is protected from the northern winds by the Monchique mountain range, resulting in a unique climate characterised by an average of over 3.000 hours of sunshine per year. The soil is also ideally suited, so the raw potential is there to grow excellent grapes and therefore create great wines.

Quinta dos Vales has more than 200.000 m2 of vineyards planted, where grape varieties unique to Portugal flourish along with international varieties which have adjusted to the unique climate and soil of the region.

The selection and development of our wines is handled by our on-site winemaker, Marta Rosa, and assisted by two top oenologists, Dorina Lindemann and Paulo Laureano, who collaborate with Quinta dos Vales throughout the production process.

From vine to bottle our wine philosophy is based on quality, as opposed to quantity. We believe this is the reason Quinta dos Vales has very quickly become the leading wine producer in the up-and-coming Algarvean wine industry.

For our average production of 150.000 bottles, which is made up of almost 40 different references, expert maintenance of the vineyards and scientific precision in the cellar are backed up by modern technology, so that nothing is left to chance.

Quinta dos Vales’ wines are produced from a range of 15 varieties, both white and red. Most of the varieties are typically Portuguese (e.g. Touriga Nacional, Aragonês, Verdelho, Alvarinho), but there are also a few French grapes growing at the estate (e.g. Syrah, Viognier, Cabernet Sauvignon), which allows for plenty of different blends and combinations as well as monovarietal wines. One of the most typical varieties from the region – Castelão – we use in red, white and rosé wines due to its versatility. As is the well-known French variety, Syrah.

The wines of this wine estate are subdivided into two brands – Marquês dos Vales and Dialog.

Quinta dos Vales' wine brand Marquês dos Vales is constantly evolving and improving through precise production procedures and some flexibility when it comes to the decision on final blends, always seeking to provide only the best final product to our consumers.

There are several labels under this brand, many of them are well-established on the market, such as DUO, Grace Vineyard, Grace Touriga Nacional, as well as many others. But each year we also like to be creative, and try new things and experiment with production techniques, variety combinations and many other elements.

All the labels on the bottles are representations of Karl Heinz Stock's art, as the combination of wine and art is a recurring theme around the estate.

In 2014 we released our second brand called "DIALOG", which is a gastronomic range designed for food-and-wine pairings. These exquisite wines are testament to our strong belief in rigorous quality control procedures, but also to our flexibility in learning and creating an even better product.

Since the release of the first wine back in 2008 to present, our wines have been honoured with over 100 national and international medals and awards, as well as commendations and great reviews.

To learn all the details and find out more about our production technology, take part in our guided tour!

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